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Ways to Deal with Holiday Stress

holiday stress

The holiday season is a time of joy, cherished memories, quality family moments, and delicious feasts. However, it can also bring a fair share of added stress. December is National Stress-Free Family Holiday’s Month for a reason! The whirlwind of cooking, shopping, decorating, socializing, and the weight of our own and societal expectations can turn what should be a blissful period into a rather stressful one. There are practical strategies to help you manage holiday stress and ensure a season of joy and peace. 

Create Intentional Time

In the chaos of the holiday season, it’s crucial to allocate specific time for both holiday-related activities and personal downtime. Plan designated times for gift shopping, organizing, and wrapping presents. By spacing out these tasks, you can reduce the overwhelming rush. Equally important is the planning of relaxation and self-care time. Make sure you reserve moments for reading, exercising, taking a rejuvenating nap, or whatever fills your cup and offers a well-deserved break.

Embrace Realistic Expectations

The curated perfection of holiday festivities that inundates social media can create unrealistic expectations. While those Instagram posts might display spotless homes, matching pajamas, and seemingly joyful snowball fights, remember that real life rarely unfolds so flawlessly behind the scenes.

Don’t let the illusion of perfection detract from your holiday experience. Instead, focus on defining what success means to you during this season. Perhaps success is when most people around you acknowledge that they had a great time, or when you connect with your family through shared activities.

Prepare for Challenges in Advance

It’s important to remind yourself of what you can and cannot control during the holidays. You can meticulously prepare a gourmet meal, but you can’t guarantee that everyone will engage in respectful conversations around the table.

Shift your mindset towards concentrating on what you can control. Ask yourself, “What’s genuinely important to me? Is it ensuring everyone receives five presents, or is it more about fostering an environment of fun and togetherness?” Remember, it’s not about obsessing over how spotless the kitchen is but rather focusing on the enjoyment of being together.

Embrace Radical Acceptance

For many of us, holiday gatherings and activities follow predictable patterns, some of which may not be entirely pleasant. Here, the concept of radical acceptance can be beneficial. Radical acceptance means acknowledging that certain things will probably happen and are beyond your control, and that’s okay.

By incorporating radical acceptance into your coping strategies, you free yourself from the constant need to prevent undesirable situations. Instead, you come to terms with the fact that some things will happen, and that doesn’t have to translate into stress and anxiety. Embrace the imperfections of the holiday season, knowing that they are part of life. 

The holiday season doesn’t have to be a source of stress. After all, the essence of the holidays lies in the love and connection we share, not in perfection or the absence of challenges.

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