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Grief Therapy

Ease the affects of your recent loss with Beverly Hills Therapy Group

After a major loss, it is normal to grieve. However, grief can often bring about unhealthy or maladaptive coping strategies that can be harmful to the person who is grieving. Some people may turn to alcohol or drugs to numb their pain; others may isolate themselves from friends and family. If left untreated, grief can lead to depression or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). At Beverly Hills Therapy Group, our grief specialists help children, adolescents, and adults cope with their loss in a healthy way.

Seeking help for your grief means making a commitment to yourself to continue living your life after experiencing a loss. The goal is not to achieve complete freedom from sadness over your loss; you might feel sadness over your loss for quite some time. On the contrary, grief counseling aims to help you come to terms with the loss, navigate your emotions, and find your “new normal” in the wake of your loss while you continue working toward your goals and doing the things you love.

Don’t allow your grief to take over your life. Experts are available at all of our locations to help children, adolescents, and adults who are grieving. Make an appointment with a grief specialist at Beverly Hills Therapy Group.

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