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Child Counseling

Parenting is the hardest, most rewarding job one can have.

Establishing a healthy sense of self-esteem, confidence, focus and emotional security are core goals for any parent– but how exactly does one ensure the best success for their child?

Good intentions and love are a great basis for parenting, and often come naturally. However prepared we may feel, though, we learn very quickly that there are situations and conversations we are not equipped to deal with at the level of understanding and helpfulness that our children might need.

Our team offers support and guidance to parents, children and teens to help them achieve healthy family dynamics. Just imagine what your family could achieve without yelling, power struggles, threatening, or spanking. We are dedicated to helping your child or adolescent build and maintain confidence while assisting your children as they work through any challenges they or the family may be facing. We understand the complexities of family life and how complicated things can get when one or more family members may be struggling with their mental health. We are sensitive to your family and we will listen to what makes your family unique. We provide you with the most accurate advice and suggestions for minimizing and eliminating the issues that stand in the way of whatever goals you and your children wish to accomplish through counseling.

With our strengths-based family approach, we not only specialize in working with children, but we are dedicated to empowering you as a parent with new techniques so that YOU have the tools to help your child. Using our evidence-based parenting support, we are able to help families in a fraction of the time that it might take if we only worked with children. Because of this, most of the children and teens we see are able to do short-term therapy.

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