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LGBTQ Therapy

There are so many complex issues facing the gay community. BH Therapy Group can help.

Beverly Hills Therapy Group provides individual, family and couple therapy for all kinds of couples & families, including those with members who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/gender variant,(LGBTQ), or straight.

Our staff understands the complex challenges that are often part of the lives of LGBTQ clients and their families. We are dedicated to providing treatment using LGBTQ-affirmative models with couples, families, individuals and groups.

Common areas of concern include:

  • Coming out
  • Issues relevant to transgender individuals and their families (transitioning process, internal identity issues, trans-parenting, etc.)
  • Aging issues for LGBTQ individuals and their caregivers (family, medical personnel, etc.)
  • Loss, Death, & Trauma
  • Exploration of sexual orientation and gender identities/expressions
  • Parenting gender nonconforming or intersex children
  • Facilitating a healthy identity
  • Creating & maintaining personal and professional relationships after coming out
  • Supporting LGBTQ family members
  • Lack of social connections
  • Creating a chosen family
  • Intimacy & sexuality (Polyamory, differing arousal levels, lack of sexual desire, etc.)
  • LGBTQ Family Forming and Fertility Issues (adoption, insemination, etc.)
  • Co-parenting
  • HIV and Chronic Illness
  • Dealing with social stigma, oppression, marginalization and anti-LGBTQ bias crimes
  • Internalized homophobia, bi-phobia, transphobia, etc.
  • Addictions
  • Depression and anxiety
  • LGBTQ intimate partner and family abuse
  • Our goal for our LGBTQ clients is that they experience informed and sensitive therapeutic services to facilitate health, happiness and well-being for themselves and their families.

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