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suicide support
If you think it can be challenging to support someone who has attempted suicide, you’re not alone. Often, people don’t know what to do or say and finding the right words can be difficult. It can be incredibly overwhelming. It’s important to create a “safe zone” where the person you are supporting can feel loved,...
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American Suicide prevention
According to the CDC, U.S. suicide rates are growing rapidly each year. Rates are now at the highest since World War II. Some of the contributing factors are believed to be high stress, social media usage, and the current opioid crisis.  CDC data from 2017 shows that 14 out of 100,000 Americans had a cause...
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suicide prevention month
Suicide is currently in the top 10 list of leading causes of death in the United States according to the CDC. Over 47,000 individuals lost their lives as a result of suicide. Even more tragic is that suicide is the second leading cause of death in individuals between the ages of 10-34 and fourth leading...
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