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mental health
mental resilience
Mental resilience is trending, and for good reason! Resilience, or the ability to adapt and bounce back during difficult times or trauma, makes us better able to handle challenges that happen during our lives and remain strong. Often, resilient individuals have already overcome difficulties in their lives and are better equipped to face challenges when...
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mental health for minorities
In the U.S., we’ve recently seen mental health issues coming to the forefront of conversations, especially as these issues present themselves in diverse ways. These conversations are still uncomfortable, but we must have courage to talk about these issues with our family and friends. Yet stigmas and disparities surrounding mental health issues often prevent mental...
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people pleasers
Do you feel guilty for saying no? Often those who feel this guilt fear rejection, disapproval, blame or criticism. They may feel a lack of recognition. These fears are irrational beliefs and often become worse while under stress. These feelings don’t need to be your normal. People-pleasers are fearful of saying “no” due to a...
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