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Overlooked Signs of Undiagnosed ADHD in Adults


ADHD is often easy to detect in children. Adults, however, can display subtler symptoms. As a result, many adults struggle with ADHD and may not realize that they have it. Many of their problems, including staying organized and being on time, can be attributed to ADHD.

October is ADHD Awareness Month. Here are ten potential warning signs that could signal adult ADHD:

Problems with Organization

People with ADHD are susceptible to organization problems in adulthood because responsibilities — bills, jobs, kids — make these problems obvious and more problematic than what they might’ve experienced as a child. 

Increased Risk of Traffic Accidents or Reckless Driving

With ADHD, concentrating on a task can be hard, so driving behind the wheel can be challenging. Some people with ADHD get into traffic accidents, speed, and lose their driving licenses as a result of their symptoms.

Marital Issues

A troubled marriage isn’t necessarily a sign of adult ADHD, as many people without ADHD have marital issues. However, there are some marriage problems that are likely to affect the relationships of people with ADHD. People with undiagnosed ADHD often believe that their partners don’t care because of their poor listening skills and inability to honor commitments. Those with ADHD may not be able to see why their partner is upset and may feel that they are being talked down to or blamed for something that is not their fault.

Easily Distracted

In a fast-paced, busy world, adult ADHD makes it hard to succeed. Many employees find distractibility to be a major factor in poor career performance, especially in noisy or busy offices. Having adult ADHD might mean that phone calls or email distract you from your work and make it difficult to accomplish your tasks.

Difficulty Listening 

Being forgetful or zoning out repeatedly may be signs of adult ADHD. Missed appointments or minunderstandings are often a reult of poor listening skills that are caused by problems with attention. 

Inability to Relax

While many children with ADHD are hyperactive, this ADHD symptom often manifests differently in adults. ADHD adults are more likely to be restless and unable to relax than they are to experience hyperactivity. Some individuals with adult ADHD may describe themselves as tense or edgy.

Problems Starting Tasks

Adults with ADHD often delay starting chores that require a lot of attention, just as ADHD children often delay doing homework. In addition to existing problems, procrastination can often contribute to marital disagreements, workplace challenges, and problems with friends.

Being Repeatedly Late

The reasons for this are numerous. A person with ADHD is often distracted on the way to an event, realizing the car needs to be washed or that they are low on gas, and before they know it an hour has passed. Adults with ADHD tend to underestimate how much time it takes to complete tasks, whether they are busy at work or doing smaller projects

Difficulty Controlling Emotions

People with ADHD often have difficulty controlling their emotions. Many adults with ADHD become enraged over minor issues. They often feel they have no control over their emotions. Most times, after an outburst, they forget about it as quickly as it flared, long before the ones on the receiving end have forgotten. 

Trouble Prioritizing 

Many ADHD adults fail to meet big obligations, like work deadlines, while spending a lot of time on insignificant matters.

Being Diagnosed Accurately

Seek the help of a trained and experienced mental health professional if you think you may suffer from adult ADHD. Certain symptoms of this condition, such as poor motivation or concentration, as well as difficulties relating to others, can also be signals of other disorders. Substance abuse or depression can present with similar symptoms. By getting checked out, you can get the best help for you and start feeling better.

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