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Managing a Pregnancy During the COVID-19 Pandemic

OB-GYN during Covid-19

If you are pregnant during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s okay not to be okay. Remaining calm, positive, and hopeful during the past few months might’ve been incredibly challenging. While you can’t change what is going on in the world, you can choose to focus on your mindset, mood, and anxiety levels. While it is important to stay positive and practice gratitude, it’s also okay to let yourself feel mad, sad, stressed, angry, or anxious about how things are going. If that’s where you’re at today, that’s okay.

We know you want to stay focused on the miracle growing inside of you and the health of both yourself and the baby. Never in a million years could you have imagined the world as it is today when you conceived. We often have pre-determined ideas about how a pregnancy will go. It’s an exciting time!

You might’ve imagined yourself going through each trimester, having a baby shower, and being surrounded by family and friends as you prepare to welcome the new baby. You might’ve written a full birth plan, choosing each and every detail to make your experience more intimate and comfortable.

Now, OB-GYN trips are different. We are staying social distance from loved ones. There is no wandering around Target to pick out baby outfits and nursery decor. Your birth plan has probably gone out the window. Family may not be able to meet your baby right away. A sibling may have to wait a few days before, missing out on holding the baby in the hospital.

Much has been taken away, while a whole lot of fear and uncertainty has been added to your plate. It is hard to be pregnant during a pandemic. And it is okay to grieve what you’ve lost out on.
Don’t feel as if you need to undervalue your loss because of how others may be struggling during this time. It is okay to feel grateful about what is going well while also feeling sadness over the things that are not. The same advice can be given to others who have lost out on planned major milestones and achievements the past few months.

When things are out of control and you are not feeling okay, try to focus on what you CAN control. Try to choose joy and focus on what is going well while also acknowledging your feelings and allowing yourself to feel them.

If you need a little more help and support during this time, please reach out if you need someone to talk to. We are available for online appointments. Contact us here.

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