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Marcia Klucznik, MA, LPC, RN
Marcia Klucznik, MA, LPC, RN

Marcia Klucznik



Many life challenges and transitions are difficult, creating feelings of hopelessness and fatigue. Both physical and emotional reactions are common when dealing with psychological distress. My background in nursing combined with counseling allow me the unique ability to provide guidance in navigating the interplay between the emotional and physiological responses and symptoms that often accompany psychological distress.

Prior to entering the counseling field, I was a nurse for 25 years. I became a professional mental health counselor to round out my interpersonal nursing skills in order to help my patients manage their emotions as they encountered physical problems.

Each person comes into counseling with their own set of skills and behaviors that have served them in the past. Working together as a team, we can identify and modify problematic behaviors to better serve your current needs. I will help you set goals and take the steps necessary to work through whatever challenge you are facing.