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Betsie, Therapy Dog
Betsie, Therapy Dog


Certified Therapy Dog


Betsie is a Portuguese Water Dog and has been trained and certified as a therapy dog by Therapy Dogs International.
TDI is a leading certifying organization for therapy dogs and the only certifying body recognized Beaumont Health System. Betsie began her therapy dog career in 2015 at the age of six. She volunteers at Royal Oak Beaumont on Tuesday afternoons and also makes visits to local schools upon request.
Betsie loves greeting our clients and her passion is bringing a smile to the faces of people of all ages. Parents appreciate her friendly demeanor and the fact that she is non-­shedding and hypo-­allergenic. Children love her soft hair and waggy tail. Betsie is available to accompany clients in their therapy sessions on a limited basis, but mostly works as a greeter.
Be sure to say hi to her when you come in!

  • Friendly
  • Loves making kids and adults smile
  • Does not shed

Petting her may help lower stress levels, allowing kids and adults to relax and open up more easily.