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May 2020

Covid-19 Update

Last week, Governor Whitmer extended our stay-at-home orders to the end of May. As all Michigan citizens adapt to maintaining life and livelihood within our continued restrictions, we at Beverly Hills Therapy Group want to assure you that we are here for your mental health.

You may be struggling with job, financial, or health uncertainties, burdened with concern for the older adults in your life, helping school-aged children cope with their classwork, or managing adult children back under your roof, as well as feeling helpless in the face of an unknown outcome. We want you to know that you’re not alone.

Our experienced therapists have shifted to providing compassionate, qualified care through video or phone sessions, to help you cope with the unique uncertainties of your own personal situation. Clients who have maintained their therapeutic sessions are finding them to be a place of solace, strength, and positivity during a challenging week.

Please call or email to set up an appointment or schedule a brief phone call with a therapist. We are here to help.

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