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Covid 19 Response


June 2021

We have journeyed together through truly extraordinary times. Throughout the pandemic, BHTG had one primary goal: to provide the highest quality mental healthcare to existing and new clients while maintaining physical safety for all. Together we plunged into virtual therapy, navigating technology, finding private space for our work, and learning new ways to handle the unknown.  Your trust in us resulted in moments of growth, acceptance, and change that will manifest in all of our lives for years to come.

We are so pleased that the recent change in policy on mask-wearing in the State of Michigan allows for us to invite you into our offices once again.

Beginning June 1st, fully vaccinated clients, and children under the age of 15 regardless of vaccination status, may opt to come to in-person sessions at our new offices in Suite 18. Sessions will be masked for unvaccinated children. Masks are optional for fully vaccinated clients.

To verify your vaccination status, please click here.

For unvaccinated people over the age of 15, and for those who have found that virtual therapy works best, we will continue our work on our Patient Portal video platform. A hidden gift of the pandemic was overwhelming evidence that virtual therapy is effective and a fantastic alternative for those who previously had difficulty fitting therapy into their busy schedules.

Please communicate with your therapist about your personal plans for virtual versus in-person therapy. Your therapist will also communicate the process for coming into the offices, as we will not be using our waiting room at this time. Additionally, not all therapists are electing to return to in-person work at this time.

This step toward normalcy is welcomed by all here at BHTG. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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